About us

We are Elvira and Dave Renkema, we have three children (one daughter and two sons), three children-in-law, and one grandchild. We live in the east part of the Netherlands, close to the German border, in a small village called Wehl.

We love to travel, but Italy has had a special place in both of our hearts for over 30 years. Italy attracts us for the typical atmosphere, friendly people, and its famous gastronomy. To enjoy this all from a special, historical, place as La Dimora is very special to our family. We came in 2000 to Lezzeno to buy our first house together with friends.

In 2011, we sold our share to the same friends to buy La Dimora instead. The house was still in its almost original state, so in the years after we had it completely renovated with the great help of our Italian friend (and builder) who live in the same quarter in Sormazzana. We visit La Dimora several times during the year to enjoy Italy, be with our local friends, and to support our guests.

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