Areas and spots

Visit these beautiful locations, restaurants, and spots to truly experience Lago di Como.

Baita La Morena

Baita La Morena is a so called agriturismo. Here you can enjoy the typical Italian gastronomy of the countryside and where you dine with the other guests at long tables and taste the specialties of this area. "Baita la Morena” lies on the slope of mountain San Primo at a height of approximately 100 meters.

The restaurant is generally open on Saturdays for lunch and Sundays for both lunch and dinner. When there is sufficient demand, it is also possible to have lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

Note: If you are interested to eat here, you should make a reservation. Please contact Elvira byemail or Whatsapp and she will contact the owner Claudio to make your reservation.

Ristorante Aurora

Located right on the shore overlooking Isola Comacina and the mountains beyond, you can choose from local fish, wood-fired pizza and a selection of pasta dishes.
Aurora is the perfect place to eat during the day or a fantastic pizza in the evening. You can relax on the large terrace at the waterfront, while the kids can enjoy the bouncing cushion on the water or the whole family can take water ski or wakeboard lessons. For dining in the evening it is advised to book in advance.

Parking the car is more difficult but no worries, parked in two parking lots in succession on either side of the road is OK, since all drivers are in Aurora and everybody is very relaxed in moving the car incidentally. As an alternative you can easily walk down to Aurora in half an hour from La Dimora, preferably over the Strada Regia in the direction of Bellagio.

Menu specialty: Pizza, Lake fish


Bellagio is situated upon the cape of the land mass that divides Lake Como in two. The city centre occupies the tip of the promontory, while other districts are scattered along the lake shores and up the slopes of the hills. The great Pleistocene glaciations with their imposing flows coming from the Valtellina and Valchiavenna modelled the actual landscape of Lake Como: at least four times the glaciers went as far as Brianza to the south.

From the ancient glacial blanket only the highest tops emerged, one of them Mount St. Primo, which obliged the glaciers to divide into two arms. Nowadays, a luxuriance of trees and flowers is favoured by a mild and sweet climate. The average daytime temperature during winter is rarely below 6 to 7 °C (43 to 45 °F), while during summer it is around 25 to 28 °C (77 to 82 °F), mitigated during the afternoon by the characteristic breva, the gentle breeze of Lake Como.

Ristorante Helvetia

Pizzeria Helvetia is a low-key, family-run establishment that is perfect for a casual lunch or dinner, loved by locals for their delicious wood-fired pizzas. It is a very cozy restaurant with an intimate terrace with fantastic views over the lake.

Lovely spot for example a lunch. There is also a bar where one can go for an aperitif, which has the large modern terrace which is at ground level with again great views on Lake Como.

Menu specialty: Milanese veal, Pizza, Pasta